Lana Bastašić: Mann im Mond

In Mann im Mond, Lana Bastašić explores social predicaments to which society tends to turn a blind eye. The author, who grew up in post-war Bosnia after the collapse of Yugoslavia, tells a dozen stories from the perspectives of victimized children. They’re not even protected in their own homes, where domestic violence is the normal state, a symptom of a society traumatized and devastated by war. Whether facing pedophilic great-aunts, drug-addict mothers or abusive fathers, the kids learn to defend themselves and fight back. Rebekka Zeinzinger has captured the Bosnian writer’s restrained, grotesque tone in her German translation of these short stories.

The reading in German and the discussion in English will be curated and moderated by Sara Rašić, Mai Spörri, Emma Frei, Victoria Heim, Stephanie Waltisperg and Rebekka Künzler, master’s and PhD students of the University of Basel.

Englisch / Deutsch