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Xristina Sarli: Señor Pulpo

After pining for a woman on land for years on end, an octopus finally emerges from the sea to consummate his love. But this story doesn’t exactly end happily ever after: his beloved promptly cooks up the octopus and eats him alive. Señor Pulpo is an augmented-reality multimedia book. Use the INKA AR app to scan the images and discover the hidden content in its speech balloons, animated 3D lettering and spokenword narration.

This project is the fruit of collaboration between Xristina Sarli (text, images) and André Selmanagić (development) as an Aurora School for Artists project at the HTW Berlin, a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of its «Strengthening the Potential for Innovation in Culture II» programme. Señor Pulpo will be on display throughout the festival, and Xristina Sarli will be presenting their project at 12.30 pm.