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I Used To Be Sam Camilla Fivian

I Used To Be Sam

Before Annie Goodchild, there used to be Sam. This realization marks the starting point for the release of the artist's most personal and impressive work to date. I Used To Be Sam steps into a complex journey of transracial adoption and self-discovery on their new EP I Used to Be Sam - an explorative collection of deeply personal, cinematic, left-field pop, all wrapped up in the singer's distinctively illustrious voice. I Used To Be Sam wants to use her music to create a safe-space to bring people with shared experiences together, and open up the narrative around transracial adoption. Having honed her craft performing live in bands such as Melou and  Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox, as well as launching their solo career six years ago, all of the artist's professional and personal experiences have reached a culmination with the release of this new music. The recorded voices of other TRA’s are included in the music videos and vocals from I Used To Be Sam’s own daughter feature on the EP.

(Stand: Oktober 2023)

Foto: Camilla Fivian


Freitag, 17.11.2023