Nazanin Sanatkar

Nazanin Sanatkar is a writer, director, actor and theatre dramaturg. She began working in the field of performing arts at a theatre centre in Tehran while studying to become a surgical technologist at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. She studied acting and theatre directing at the university of Tehran starting in 2014 and directed the play War, written by Laresh Noren, in 2018. After completing a course in documentary theatre at Tajrobeh Festival, she staged her performance Studying the Wavelength of Silence Before Metamorphosis as a performer, writer and director at the festival’s program First-Person Pronoun Repertoire. Among other plays, she has directed Cyanoz, by Arghavan Ghasemnezhad, Rakhneh and has written and directed A Deep, Big and New Research About Predicates Without Subjects or Subjects without Predicates. She lives and works in Tehran.

(Stand: Oktober 2023)


Samstag, 18.11.2023