Pages Magazine 11: Stage So Near So Far

The latest issue of Pages magazine presents various plays and performance texts by Iranian women writers based in Iran or in the Iranian diaspora. The featured authors, Nasim Ahmadpour, Nil (Alista) Aghaee, Naghmeh Manavi, Athena Farrokhzad, Nazanin Sanatkar, Azade Shahmiri, Zahra Mohseni and Naghmeh Samini, place their writing in performative relation to the specific historical and sociopolitical conditions in which they live and work. Whether based on actual personal experience, archives or fiction, in one way or another they all deal with the subject of the stage. They create a contested space of performance that is intrinsically linked to each performer’s body. Artists Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi, editors of Pages, will be joined by the author Nazanin Sanatkar to present a reading of her play Studying Wavelength of Silence Before Metamorphosis. The play is a performance in the form of a public trial about her silence during a real incident in a hospital where she worked.

The text of Nazanin Sanatkarwill be read by the actor Martha Benedic.

Language: English / Farsi فارسی / Deutsch